GameFi Meets DeFi

No taxes. No fees. A treasury-backed ecosystem with real rewards.
If you hold $ENCTR, you're also an owner of the protocol. Earn revenue from treasury backed rewards. Percentages of every utility is funneled back into the revenue stream. No money printed out of thin air.
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Core Utilities


Provide the treasury with assets, and receive gENCTR tokens at a discounted price. ENCTR Bonds will come in two forms, each with a maturation period: Stablecoin, and LP.


Trade your $ENCTR to the treasury for sENCTR in return. By locking your tokens away, you earn stable returns at high APY's, and provide stability at every rebase event.

GameFi Modules

Elevate your experience with ENCTR App modules, our growing library of Play & Earn micro-applications. These modules will release post-launch, and introduce brand new utility layers.

DeFi Protocols

Peer-to-peer borrowing and lending power, decentralized finance solutions that are possible with a fueled treasury; Anchor, Yield Farming, Investing, and much more.