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ENCTR App is a gamified DeFi application. On top of our finance modules, we're also developing various Play & Earn modules that enhance your gaming experience on-chain.
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GameFi micro-apps, built different. Open ENCTR App, load a module, earn crypto & level up in the protocol.

Each module we develop strives to bring new Web3 integrations for your favorite games, bridging the ENCTR experience, to yours.

In Development
Wager on Esports with stablecoins

Battlescape enables wallet connection and stablecoin wagering for any Esports match, from industry-leading games.

League of Legends, CS:GO, VALORANT and Dota 2 will all be supported upon module launch. Additional game support will be added according to user demand and activity.

In Development
Level up from your activity in the protocol

ENCTR Forge is a progression system that dishes out rewards for your activity and participation within the ENCTR protocol.

Build your balance of a new high-caliber material, and forge a wide range of collectibles, exclusive to ENCTR.

UI Staging
On-chain Battlepass. Fully integrated.

Arsenal connects your game logins and provides seasonal battlepass systems, right on Polygon.

Choose from daily and weekly challenges, targeted right towards the games you already love and play. The Quest Board brings fresh challenges on a rotating schedule, making ENCTR App your new favorite "alt+tab".

This module will release alongside the official ENCTR App Windows client.

Concept Staging

Inheriting DAO-like mechanisms means putting voting and participation power into the holders hands.

For the more competitive Web 3.0 gamers, we're formulating a complete guild system, one where you attain freedom in assembling a roster with friends and players, competing within ENCTR Official tournaments and bracket systems.


Avancements to the Protocol

MAY 2022

🔗 Official Polygon Studios Collaboration

ENCTR x Polygon, a collaborative partnership with the leading gamified blockchain.

JULY 11 2022


ENCTR launches on the Polygon Network, with DeFi modules availabe right off the bat. The genesis of our revenue sharing.


More to come...

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Official Launch
JULY 11 2022

ENCTR launches on the Polygon network. We're building GameFi's most efficient passive asset growth and management ecosystem | Play what you want. Earn Rewards. That's our purpose. The protocol serves to create a fair, sustainable revenue sharing system across all users, members, and holders.

DATE: JULY 11 2022

Utilities available: Staking, Bonding, Wrapping

Through thick & thin, unexpected market conditions, obstacles along the way, ENCTR is continuing with its launch as planned.

Roadmap execution continues, module development is on-going, and staying true to our utility remains a priority.

ENCTR is decentralized and requires no KYC.

Phase Status:
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Battlescape, our first gamified module for ENCTR App. This phase will mark a big step for the protocol itself, as our utility will extend beyond our DeFi offerings. Battlescape is currently in development, and will provide a secure, peer-to-peer wagering zone for Esports matches. If the game has an accessible API, and clear outcomes, it's Battlescape compatible. Wager with stable coins and win as a spectator.


Functionality Overview: Find an Esports match, place a stablecoin wager on the outcome, and win from shared prize pools. No betting against the house.

Battlescape will be a desktop-mobile responsive micro-application, useable from any device.

Our overarching goal is to remove the poor user experience found on common Esports betting sites and applications. We're eliminating the need for ratios and USD gambling.

Phase Status:
Final Development Stages
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