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May 11, 2022

Why ENCTR? — Summarizing Our Incentives

If you’re reading this, you are probably looking at the ENCTR project and wondering, why should I invest?

We don’t tell anyone to invest, it's up to the user to do their own research on ENCTR and make the decision by themselves.

Let's spin the question into one that we can actively answer.

"Why ENCTR?"
Being an Early Holder

The benefits of being an early holder are numerous. Typically, getting into a project early allows you to claim tokens at the best price. Following that, you start at conception of the true market on public launch, and you're able to take part in the price increase.

For ENCTR, you earn in two ways from both price movements. Getting in early, and then taking advantage of bonds and staking from minute one after the official launch. Our finance utilities will function as the main incentives until our official ENCTR App modules release throughout the year.

Presale and the Path to Battlescape

We're launching the ENCTR token before our first module, Battlescape.

In the meantime, you'll be able to purchase Bonds (ENCTR at cheaper prices), and then you can stake that ENCTR for additional rewards. Our revenue sharing model will already be at work.

Read more about our revenue sharing model here

You will be able to stake your ENCTR and earn rewards from doing so. The protocol utilizes a core treasury that circulates rewards to each corner of the flow. It's important to note that staking rewards are paid out as a direct result of bonding. When someone purchases a bond, those transactional stable coins feed right into the treasury, which in turn gives you, the holder, APY on your tokens.

Buy a bond and provide stablecoins to the treasury. Take those discounted ENCTR tokens, and stake them for additional rewards. It's that easy.

Up until Battlescape launch, we will be releasing new content to give people a better understanding of the entire revenue sharing ecosystem, and previews into the development of Battlescape itself. At the end of the day, the ENCTR protocol is cyclical by nature, and we'll be constantly monitoring our revenue statistics in order to provide the best, efficient rates to offer through our DeFi utility.

Before we bring modules into play, we want to ensure a streamlined incentives structure exists for stability and passive rewards.


  • Purchasing ENCTR at the presale price gives you the best positioning for initial price increases.
  • Buy bonds on day one and claim discounted tokens after a maturation period (typically a few days).
  • Claim your ENCTR from bonds, and translate those into our staking system for additional rewards.
  • Our revenue sharing model kicks in on public launch. You don't have to wait for modules to earn from the protocol.





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