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August 12, 2022

ENCTR Dev Log #2

Welcome back everyone to the second official ENCTR devlog. These logs are meant as a way for us developers to share what we’re working on, and give everyone insight into what’s happening on the development side of things. We have a couple of updates that should be live in the main application, and some notes on the progress of Battlescape. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it. 


Partnering with the Zapper.Fi team allowed us to utilize their APIs to give users the ability to convert their DAI into LP tokens in 1 transaction! Without the Zapping ability, users would have to go to Quickswap to provide liquidity. Liquidity is always given in 50% DAI and 50% ENCTR. This is to make sure that the pool is always evenly distributed. Sometimes this can be complicated and we here at ENCTR want to make sure we are making features that provide value and make processes easier if possible. Zapping allowed us to do this all in one.

Now, people can purchase LP Bonds with ease. As you know, LP bonds are what allows ENCTR to obtain Protocol-Owned-Liquidity. This allows us to make sure that liquidity is always there for users to either buy or sell their ENCTR tokens. It’s a win-win!We will continue to push UI/UX improvements on the zapping feature over the coming weeks as well. Plans to streamline the flow even more are already underway, including making it all happen on one screen instead of having the extra click to get LP tokens.

What We're Working On

Our primary focus for development has shifted over battlescape and we’re deep in the trenches on that work. That said, we’re still making sure to improve and iterate on the finance modules, and have a couple of updates related to that.

The big one is the new balance modal, which, if not already live, should be in the next day. This addresses a common complaint we’ve seen from some of the community that it’s hard to tell the value of gENCTR. The new balance card will get rid of any ambiguity, and show the conversion into sENCTR clearly so there’s not any confusion. Be on the lookout for that change, you can access it by clicking the wallet button in the header bar.

Outside of that, we’ve also been making various improvements around usability, particular as it relates to smaller screen sizes. We’ve made the sidebar scrollable, so those on smaller screen sizes can now properly see the market information and have access to our social links.

We’ve also been cleaning up some pages where content was breaking out of its container on mobile devices. This should make the experience for our mobile users that much better, and makes the application look a lot cleaner on smaller screen sizes.

This type of work is an ongoing effort, and if you notice any issues please let us know on discord. Feedback from our users is invaluable, and we thank everyone that takes the time to report any bugs, issues, or suggestions.

State Of Battlescape

As we noted in the last log, battlescape development is now in full swing. The development team has had some killer planning sessions, and we feel we have a very clear idea of the workload and tasks needed to get Battlescape live. Design is about wrapped up as well, so we’re in full swing on the development side of things. 

We still don’t have a ton to show off as a lot of the current work has been behind the scenes setup, but hope to have usable screens done in the next few weeks. As we complete sections of Battlescape we plan to open them up on our beta environment for the community to begin playing around with and testing. Stay tuned for information regarding that. There’s no set timeline yet, but as soon as we have an anticipated launch date we’ll post it in our discord. That’s all for today’s update. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, or just want to chat with the team, stop by our discord. We’re always hanging out there, and we’re building a friendly community that’s very welcoming to all our new members. We hope to see you there.


Look out for the following changes that are live or will be within the next few days:

🔁 Update to support even more bonds for both ENCTR and FOTF.

⚡ Added Zapping functionality to the Get LP Tokens button on the Bond pages.

📜 Added scroll functionality to sidebar for smaller screen sizes

📱 Adjusted space for certain elements to prevent overflow on mobile devices

🧮 New balance card that displays more information (expected August 12th).

Lead App Engineer

Senior software engineer and lead on ENCTR App