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April 20, 2022

ENCTR Dev Blog #8 - Launch Announcement

Hi Everyone! 

While we were all very excited to be “hitting the shelves” as they say on April 30th, we wanted to announce that the launch of ENCTR will be pushed back to May 16th, 2022. We discussed this internally over several days and believe this is the absolute best decision for the entire ENCTR ecosystem.

There are several reasons why we feel this way: 
  1. 1. We have been focused so much on development and ensuring that the project launches with no bugs that we may have overlooked actually spreading the word about the ENCTR launch to the masses.
  2. 2. We realized that we were at a position where we needed to add another member to the team. We’ve spent time really onboarding him to his role and what the ENCTR ecosystem really means. We’re excited to have a Chief Brand Officer on the team now and look forward to announcing him in more detail shortly.
  3. 3. Living on Ethereum and working on Polygon. This one is the biggest reasons that we chose to push back. We want to make sure that everything in our ecosystem not only launches as close to perfection as we can get it, but that our platform is as easy to use as possible across the spectrum. This means that ENCTR lives on Ethereum while the modules work within the Polygon ecosystem as well, which took some time to navigate properly.

TLDR: Launch date moved to May 16, 2022 because of the addition of a team member, change in where we live, and updated presale options. Discord wins out over Telegram as our choice of platform for community engagement.

There and Back Again

As you know ENCTR has been in development for some time now. Last year, when we launched on BSC, we quickly realized that we needed to build a larger team and pull in the resources necessary to achieve this vision we had set out. This is why we decided to move to a V2 token and spent the following months working on designing the modules we want to create and bring new members onto the team.

Since then, we've added 3 new members to the ENCTR team, a Chief Technology Officer, a UI Engineer, and a Chief Brand Officer.

Last Fall/Winter as Battlescape was nearing completion, we came across the problem of liquidity. For many of you who have been reading all of our blog posts, you have seen me discuss the Liquidity problem in the DeFi and GameFi space. That issue resulted in us having to start from a new foundation.

Where we Live and Work

As you also know we mentioned a few months ago that we were going to move to Polygon. I want to clarify this. We planned for ENCTR to be a multi-chain token. ENCTR will be released on Ethereum. Battlescape and the other modules will be released on Polygon. 

Ethereum is here to stay, it is the largest blockchain (not including BTC) and Polygon is a Layer 2 solution to the ETH network. So it naturally makes sense for us to Live on ETH but work and play on Polygon. 

As time moves forward and ETH transitions to PoS and utilizing sharding, I would much rather ETH be our home and move out from there.

Private Whitelist for pENCTR

We here at the ENCTR team want to truly thank all of you who stuck with us for so long approaching this point. As we mentioned before in our Transition document last September/October, we took a snapshot of the Liquidity pool and have tokens for those who sent us V1 last fall. 

These tokens will be given to you on launch day. We want to additionally reward everyone who is a V1 token holder with a whitelist spot. We will open it up for 1 week since we want to give those spots away to others so please complete the form ( that we will send out ) as soon as you can!

Whitelist spots are for a token called pENCTR or presale ENCTR. This token allows you to swap 1 pENCTR and 1 DAI for 1 ENCTR token. Think of it as a stock option. If you are familiar with stock trading, you can see the similarity. This pENCTR token is vested over time based on the circulating supply. This is the same token that the team will be getting.

If you don't want to vest in ENCTR for the long term, or don't understand what's going on here, don’t worry. You can still purchase ENCTR during the public presale.

The reason we split this up is so that we have a vesting schedule for the team members, whitelisters and partnerships. At the end of the day, this ensures that the team has a VESTED (pun intended) interest in the long-term success of the project. There are no quick exits or rug pulls from our team, it's not physically possible. We’re in this for the long run and we want to show that. No team members will be given even a portion of an ENCTR token. We live and breath on pENCTR.

Public Presale

For those of you that don’t want to work your way around the nuances of pENCTR (which is totally understandable) we will be launching a public, whitelist only, pre-sale of the ENCTR token. We will have a more in-depth information available across our network on the public presale, but here’s the gist of it.

We are capping our presale amount at 300,000 DAI. This will give us the maximum amount of liquidity we want to work with off the bat. Nothing is worse than a project that gets too big too fast. That’s not us. We want to build our community and be in this for the long run. The hard cap ensures that the project will grow properly and expectations will always be set relevant to what the team can accomplish at that time and not the fairy tales so many are being sold today.

In addition to the hard cap of the total amount we will have a minimum and maximum contribution amount during the pre-sale. Nobody can come in and buy up an extravagant amount to cause the market dips to look worrisome. At most you will be able to buy 1% of the total available cap. We’ve also made sure that we keep the cost of entry at a level that will allow even smaller investors to be a part of ENCTR, but not so small that we will be dealing with crazy levels of inflated token movement on launch day.

Min Contribution: 300 DAI

Max Contribution: 3,000 DAI

Now, to be fully transparent as we all will be assuming that max amount contribution and the max amount cap that leaves us with only 100 whitelist spots. That’s not really many and there will be some people that just don’t make it. For us, that doesn’t sit well. We want to make sure our community can be as involved with ENCTR as they want to be off the bat. So, with this in mind we will have a second public presale available to any wallet submitted that didn’t make the first whitelist.

The second public presale will be set at a higher initial token value but still lower than the value of the token “on launch” and will have a 150,000 DAI hard cap. That will be the final pre-sale and we HOPE should give everyone the chance to get in on the action. If we do find that we need to adjust things as those lists fill up we may do that or find some other value proposition for those that didn’t get in.

Estimated Plan for Presale 1

There will be a Gleam Rewards program where you will need to follow us on twitter, retweet, and invite 4 members on Discord. After that, you will be accepted into the whitelist. We will also have a landing page on our website where you can apply simply with your information. Gleam whitelist wallets will have a priority on access but will not be a barrier to entry.

Estimated Plan for Presale 2

Any wallets we have that were not able to get in before the cap was hit will be issued access into the second presale. 

Guaranteed NFT

One thing we want to avoid is someone not getting access to the whitelist that wants in. Currently, it’s going to be a lottery style system, in that all wallet addresses will be allowed in but on a first come first serve basis. To ensure that anyone that wants guaranteed access can get that, we will be launching the first ENCTR NFT which guarantees white list status as well as provides additional benefits within the ecosystem.

Final details on the Guaranteed NFT are still being worked on internally. Make sure you follow our Twitter thread to get the most up to date information on how we’re working this. Visit the thread here


Our team has made the decision to host a majority of the project information and updates on our Discord. While we love Telegram, we feel that Discord has better tools for engaging a community. 

We will still keep Telegram alive but our main priority will be on building our community through Discord where everything is easier to access and build within the ecosystem of our community. Plus, let’s be honest, Discord and Gaming go together hand in hand.

WHEW! That was an incredibly long information dump. We’re working actively to be better about providing updates. Once the token launches and that work is behind us it will free us up to really be able to focus on our content and community. We hope you guys are as excited about the changes as we are! If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, reach out to a team member or, even better, ask in the discord where your question can be shared with anyone else that might also have it.

Chief Executive Officer

Software engineer, startup specialist, and blockchain expert.

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