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March 5, 2022

ENCTR Dev Blog #7 - The Launch

ENCTR Launch Announcement

The official public launch date for v2 $ENCTR is May 16th, 2022. ENCTR will be initially launching on the Ethereum network.

After months and months of development, we're finally in the clear for our v2 launch. We've spent the past three days typing up a storm, so this update will be straight and to the point.

There's alot of content that we'll be pumping out over the next weeks and months with the intention of spreading word and educating those that may not know about the project. Twitter Spaces and video AMA's will become part of our regular media rotation, on top of the developer blogs. With those outputs, we can more easily garner feedback and connect with holders and the community. Post launch, we're going to feature regular video content on our YouTube that explain the vision and modules more in-depth.

Website content still needs to be adjusted to match our new marketing directions (things like our new DAO-structure and vision, modules, updated roadmap, etc), so bear with us as we transition that information over. Some of our readers have followed the project since we initially launched on BSC, and it's super exciting for the whole team to finally be reaching our official launch. Getting an interesting product into your hands has always been our top priority, but it took a bit longer than expected.

As far as the pre-sale goes, we'll be posting info within the next few days on how you can get officially whitelisted pre-launch. Submissions will be posted in Telegram and remain open for ~ 2 weeks (similar to v1 > v2 transition timing). If you know someone that was an early holder but is no longer active in the Telegram, it'd be best to reach out and inform them that the project is going active again. Our Telegram community and early holders will get priority and first access to the whitelist. To prevent spam, we're going to be verifying every entry to ensure that token allocations are fair and transparent. We'll likely utilize an additional campaign system

Updated Lite Paper

Our Lite Paper has been updated to accommodate all of the internal changes and new token structure. You can also read about our shifts in project vision and direction. Module theory and year-long goals are remaining the same.

If you have any feedback or questions, we welcome those in the official Telegram.

You can view the new Lite Paper by clicking the link in our main website navigation.

Growth Giveaway

Beginning Monday, March 7th 2022 @ 8:00AM EST, we'll be launching our first pre-growth marketing campaign, and giving away $500 worth of $MATIC to five winners. This will be free for all to participate in, and entries are for simple community growth efforts like retweeting, following our channels, posting content, joining the Telegram, etc. The Growth Giveaway ends March 28th, 2022 @ 8:00PM EST.

This initial Gleam campaign will not be for pre-sale / whitelist entries. It will mostly serve as a brand awareness opportunity and project activation. This campaign will take us officially out of stealth mode and we encourage you to talk about the project which whoever you wish. Obviously we'll be monitoring the entries and will have a 0 tolerance for any spam or botting of entries. We've dealt with content entries in-house before, so be rest assured that any winners will be validated and confirmed prior to sending prizes.

Project Theory

Since May of last year when we first launched our BSC iteration, we never put much focus or allocation on growing our social platforms. All we cared about was how healthy our chart looked. It's an understandable approach to someone that's building a crypto project for the first time, but we're approaching v2 quite differently.

We really want to build up a social community that latches onto the value of not just the token itself, but the value we provide in other places on the platform.

Gaming projects get this wrong quite often.

ENCTR should set the standard for defi gaming projects. We've said that since day one, even in our infantile project forms. What the whole team is really trying to build here, is a gamer and player owned organization.

An educational one. A reliable one. An innovative one. If your crypto company provides no utility aside from the token itself, it's fairly obvious in assuming what kind of culture and community you're going to manifest.

We hope you guys are just as excited as we are to finally jump into our new venture. As always, reach out to a team member if you have additional questions. Stay primed, and we'll see you next time. Make sure to keep an eye out for our giveaway launching on Monday, Mar. 7th!
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