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February 6, 2022

ENCTR Dev Blog #6 - The Current State of ENCTR V2

Current State of ENCTR v2

Hi everyone!

Luka, CEO of ENCTR here just to give you all a quick update on what is going on behind the scenes.

Ivan, our CTO is continuing to work on the new contract structure and testing to support the V2 vision we outlined in our previous dev blog posts. We don't have any noteworthy metrics to announce yet, and we'll have more in depth info on that in a later update.

In terms of internal business development, we've revised our company structure, and are now interviewing candidates for our Director of Marketing position. This will be a Senior position, and the remainder of the creative team will be built out underneath this operator, and JP (Chief Design Officer). We have some really great candidates lined up with extensive experience in various entertainment industries. We want someone who will be able to take the ENCTR brand from the ground to a multi-million dollar market cap platform. Because of this, our screening process for each takes a few weeks. As soon as we finish interviewing and make a decision we will introduce them to the community.

In our opinion, it would be a cool touch to allow them to create their own introductory article, where they can go into details about their previous experience, what they bring to the table, and their goals and aspirations for the ENCTR project.

Peter (Lead UI Engineer) and I are also brushing up the app updates to support the new V2 contract and tokenomics structure.

Domain Changes

The current website domain will shift a bit to make more sense to the general public & holders.

Encountr(.)app is a little outdated as we're taking the project into more of an organization and platform. The app is one of our many planned products, and using it for a subdomain instead is the obvious choice.

Tokenomics & Functionality Documentation

We all can't wait to share more information about how V2 will work and get into the "nitty gritty" of it all. We have decided to hold off on providing details until it it's fully fleshed out.

It would be in best interest of our time to avoid situations like, "Here's the X idea we're moving forward with", and then later down the road, re-writing content explaining how "X" is now transitioning into "Y".

Additional documentation is required and I want to make sure I can write it out nicely so that it makes sense to the community, and is easy to digest. We're also exploring a GitBook that will be attached to our current website, and act as a centerpiece for all info ENCTR related.

The Grind Never Stops

We're still going full steam ahead. I wish I could've provided a larger update this time around, but less time spent in writing this dev blog means I can spend more time on the actual product.

As always, thank you for your utmost support and patience. See you all in the next update!

Chief Executive Officer

Software engineer, startup specialist, and blockchain expert.

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