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January 22, 2022

ENCTR Dev Blog #5 - Developer & CEO Update

This update will be relatively short compared to the previous. Given the current market state, we're pushing some trickle marketing off for a few weeks. There's just a few more kinks and testing we need to iron out before we're ready to move forward with v2. Some of the adjustments and updates to our structure and planning will be reflected on our website before update #6.

Developer Update


We are still working around the clock on updating the contract to include the tokenomics structure that we discussed in our dev blog #4. We have deployed to the test net and are conducting some internal testing. We're also building out some new UI components to allow staking and bond purchasing. We'll need additional screens within the application for this, so JP and Peter are cranking out some styling work.

We've also made another internal decision. On launch, we're going to deploy the app with these features, and Battlescape will be temporarily disabled. Battlescape will be enabled a few weeks after v2 launch. This is going to provide us some breathing room, and ultimately won't affect our marketing whatsoever. A large majority of holders will be more concerned with the token health in the initial launch stages anyways.

Expanding the $ENCTR creative team


Last update we briefly mentioned bringing on additional creative help and building out our in-house marketing. We'll be moving forward with one candidate by the end of next week, effectively expanding our team to five. This teammate will act as our main Marketing Designer and report directly to the CDO (JP). Up until the token launch, we're going to execute everything as five, and assess down the road what other expansions we need. Ideally the creative team should expand in a linear fashion, filling roles underneath the CDO like Content Creator, Marketing Specialist, Motion Designer, and a few others. Somewhere during the summer is when we can assess our performance and take in new hires as we see fit.

The first large-scale project tasked will be formulating our content strategy for the entirety of 2022. A year-long asset mapping that includes how we voice ourselves, how we present the brand and token, and how that experience can transition into the application.

I've attached a sample document below. These kinds of graphical references are built out to establish marketing frameworks in different areas. In this specific case, our social media. Currently it's solely JP cranking out social content, but it's honestly not a main focus until we gather our launch dates. You'll likely see the social posts ramp up within the next 3 weeks, and our follower counts will grow and gradually drag in new Telegram/Discord users. We'll refer to this as trickle marketing from here on out.

Our socials will definitely need a content overhaul and upkeep prior to launch, and that's exactly where this Marketing Designer comes into play. Complete social media management allows me, the CDO, to allocate my time and resources elsewhere. We made sure to find someone with previous blockchain experience to ease the onboarding process. It's one thing to teach someone about crypto, but another to teach crypto on top of the brand image, the demographic, and the content goals. Keep in mind that everyone on the $ENCTR team works full-time industry jobs, and our over-arching goal is to eventually launch our product to the market and allow ourselves to work on Encountr full time. Until then, we really need to play to our strengths and optimize the free time that we do have. One simple solution, a fairly obvious one, is to bring people onto the team that CAN work full-time for us. (Spoiler alert: we've done just that).

Expect an announcement and introduction to our new teammate in the following Dev Blog #6. This is a big move for us in the long-run and we're confident in our decisions.

Further Arsenal Exploration


While Battlescape is cooking for it's finishing touches, let's discuss our second module some more. Last update I threw around some concepting and ideas surrounding Arsenal, our proof-of-achievement system. I've made some slight revisions and will iterate on those below.

Arsenal Season 1 Ideations

Arsenal Season One: Genesis

[Written by JP. All is subject to change]

I've been throwing together some more internal mockups, and I think we've landed on a solid conceptual framework for what the first season could look like. The first season will kick off with a deep galactic theme, representing the birth of the proof system. NFT's and other rewards will follow alongside this theme, with plenty of ENCTR token rewards along the way. Both tracks will be allowed to receive ENCTR tokens, but the top track will be further incentivized with unique NFT's created in-house by our design team. We've got some serious 3D modeling and animation chops, and we want to put those to the grinder. We've showcased some of our potential in our trailers and cinematics, and it's clear that this avenue of art is a strong point.

Within the module, players are able to see the track rewards by checking their track progress, mission types and timers (not displayed) and seeing which important milestones items are framed in differing colors. Which means all players can see these new rewards, but need to splash out on some staked tokens in order to get them.

If we don’t have something valuable in our elevated rewards track, and don’t shout about it, then we could be missing out on a lot of potential users. Not to mention, EVERY holder ultimately benefits from the health of the ecosystem, so we'd prefer to have a majority of holders staking for these elevated rewards. NFT's also provide us a good marketing angle and material.

That's all we've got for you guys this week. Stay tuned for an upward climb towards launch. See ya next time!

Chief Executive Officer

Software engineer, startup specialist, and blockchain expert.

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