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March 25, 2022

ENCTR Codex #1 - What Is Battlescape?

Battlescape is our genesis module inside ENCTR App™, allowing users to place wagers on their favorite professional tournaments and matches.

How does Battlescape differ from other wagering sites and applications?

When utilizing Battlescape, you'll notice that the user interface is minimalist and clean. Navigation is intuitive. This is a purposeful methodology to not just Battlescape, but all of our modules in development. In general, betting sites are a bit too complicated, and we noticed a general negative UX trend in this particular space.

Inside Battlescape, you are actually wagering with a pool of money. We call it "peer-to-peer", or more specifically, "pool-based betting".

Wagering typically follows a house structure, where the organization or establishment facilitates the bets placed. Our Battlescape smart contract ultimately carries out the entire wagering process. The module provides the means of the wager pool, as well as verifying the outcome of the tournament or match.

By utilizing the game's API, Battlescape determines the winner of the match and feeds it back to the smart contract. This ensures full automation of winner selection to 100% accuracy.

Betting doesn't need to be complicated. We don't create ratios for rewards.

  1. Find a match
  2. Place your wager
  3. Claim rewards or view the outcome after the match finishes.

The structure of the module (at launch) will be setup in a way that allows us to build and implement more features on a case-by-case basis. A simple notification system and help guide will be built into the module to assist in the overall user experience. We definitely want to explore ways of integrating games built for blockchains. Say a blockchain game comes out with a competitive structure - maybe they want to expose that game to a wider audience. This is where the Battlescape structure truly shines. By making their game "Battlescape Compatible", we can enable wagering for their game, ultimately creating an indirect marketing exposure to the title.

Further Battlescape updates will likely revolve around expanding the supported game library, and enabling users to customize their profile with unique badges or NFT rewards.

It's really that easy. One of the biggest benefits in building wager functionalities for Web3 is the complete freedom in how we carry out reward and interaction functionalities. You don't need to connect your bank. You don't need to verify your identity. Your transactions live on the smart contract and stay on the smart contract.

If a user created a wager and then deemed a winner by the Battlescape contract, the user can come back and collect their rewards equal to their initial wager portion, and the amount of users who predicted the same outcome.

Looking for more information? Visit our Telegram and reach out to any official team member.

We'll see you in the Battlescape.

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Head of art and assets. Multimedia producer and UI designer.

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