Merging GameFi and DeFi.


Opening the doors to Web3 with Play & Earn utilities.


A startup bridging
Web2 to Web3

Currently hiring for:

No open positions

Front To Back

We're building Web3 user experiences that engage, educate, and inspire.

Community Driven

We strive for complete user freedom with asset ownership and management.

Smarter Contracts

Innovative blockchain technology through utilities and incentives.

Modular Experiences

Transitioning users to Web 3.0 by lowering the entry barrier to crypto.

Currently hiring for:

No open positions

Revenue Sharing

Every corner of the ENCTR ecosystem is built to go back to the holder.

Pushing for PoS

We strive for proof of stake methods that reduce environmental impact


We strive to scale upwards alongside the crypto industry for years to come

Voting Power

DAO-like structures that allow each individual to contribute to greater leaps.


The Builders

Aaron Nichols
Interim Chief Executive Officer
Who started it

The Founding Team

Luka Antolic-Soban
John Perry Pellegrino
Ivan Antolic-Soban
Peter Jewicz