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Design Dive - ENCTR U.I.

New user interface, Battlescape updates, and more.

Your Protocol

Structured tokenomics that work for you.

As a holder, you own the protocol. Our DAO-like structure allows users to stake their token within the protocol and begin earning rewards right away.

Generate revenue and rewards from more than just standard practices. With true revenue-sharing between each touchpoint, every penny that flows into the protocol is dispersed to the holders.

Merging GameFi & DeFi, one step at a time.



Purchase bonds, allowing $ENCTR to accumulate liquidity to secure longevity and price stability for everyone involved. Get tokens at a better price. Lowered risk. No impermanent loss.


Stake your ENCTR tokens and provide additional price stability, receiving substantial APY returns. Use your staked tokens as premium entry to the ecosystem & modules.


Wrapping allows you to convert your sENCTR into gENCTR, or vice versa. gENCTR is both staked & wrapped, meaning it accrues value from rebase events, but is also cross-chain.


Put your favorite stable coins to the test in Battlescape, a purely peer-to-peer eSports wagering zone. No betting against the house. All in a quick, intuitive interface.


The first of its kind. Connect your game logins and complete in-game achievements to earn ENCTR and rank up your arsenal track. This is play & earn on another level.


Form a decentralized, competitive roster of players or friends and compete within ENCTR Official tournaments and bracket systems. Ghost ranks, leaderboards, and much more.

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A Web3 gaming and finance
platform for everyone

ENCTR sets the standard with a software-first Play & Earn ecosystem.
Hold your tokens, buy bonds, stake for rewards, level up with modules.
The choice is yours.

By purchasing bonds, you provide fuel to the protocol, and we give you $ENCTR at a discounted price.
Stake your $ENCTR tokens for reliable, long term gains. In Arsenal, your stake will unlock a Play & Earn Battlepass. No more MTX.
Earn $ENCTR as a spectator and wager on competitive gaming matches. Powered by Pandascore API.
Web 3.0 earning options for any game with open API's. If there's a designated outcome, we can reward you for it upon completion.
The entirety of Encountr is modular by design. Earn from every corner of the protocol as a holder of $ENCTR.
Our software solutions come first. ENCTR App aims to be the front-runner in gaming dApps. We don't create games. We enhance them.

A platform that works. Tokens that grow. One app to manage it all

Play what you want. Earn rewards.

ENCTR provides a unique revenue sharing protocol, backed by a treasury that provides real monetary reward. No more money printed out of thin air.